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White Globe Purple Tops are a brassica family plant that deer and livestock love to eat. Turnips are tolerant of moderate frost as seedlings in spring, and as mature plants in fall. White Globe Purple Top Turnip is an excellent soil conditioner as well as a forage product. Turnip produces high-quality forage if grazed before heading. 

Deer and Livestock eat the stems, leaves and roots of turnip plants. Above-ground parts normally contain 20 to 25% crude protein, 65 to 80% in vitro digestible dry matter (IVDDM), about 20% neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and about 23% acid detergent fiber (ADF). The roots contain 10 to 14% crude protein and 80 to 85% IVDDM. 

Brassicas, such as turnips, are both cold-hardy and drought-tolerant. They can be planted late-even as a second crop-and provide high-quality grazing late in the fall. Turnip planted in July will provide grazing from September to November. The most vigorous root growth takes place during periods of low temperature (40 to 60 F).