Lab Lab Seed

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Lablab is a high quality legume that is ideal for wildlife food plots for deer and other wildlife. Lab Lab can be used in mixtures with other forage and wildlife crops or alone to provide silage, green chop or pasture for livestock.

We usually recommend, when planting in a food plot, planting Lab Lab with forage sorghum, millet, sorghum-sudangrass or corn. The Lab Lab vines will wrap around and grow up the stalks of these plants such as corn, allowing both of the plants to thrive and provide forage to animals. Lablab has a protein range between 21 and 28% and is a high quality forage choice for summer pastures and summer grown food plots.

  • Planting Rate: Plant 5 lbs. per per acre if planted in drilled rows 6-8 inches apart 
  • Broadcast at 10 lbs. per acre. The seeds should be covered to a depth of 1/2 inch for proper germination to occur.
  • Date: April - June
  • Rate: 10 lbs./acre or ¼ lb./1000 sq.ft. Depth: ½"